The Bible Way to Heaven


October 17, 2015

Di bible really clear pon salvation. It no based pon how good yu be. Nuff

people tink seh dem good, and dat dem a go heaven becaz

dem good but di Bible seh, “For all have sinned and come short of di

glory of God.” (Romans :) Di Bible seh, “As it is written, there is none righteous,

no, not one.” (Romans :) Mi nuh righteous. Yu nuh righteous, and if a wi

goodniss dat ago get we inna heaven, none a wi wudda go.

. Admit yu a sinna.

Di bible even seh inna Revelation :, “But di fearful and unbelieving, di abominable

and murderers and sorcerers and whoremongers and idolaters, and all liars shall have their

part inna di lake which burneth with fire and brimstone, weh a di second death.” Mi

lie before. Everyone lie before, so all a wi a sinna, and wi do tings

worser dan lying. Mek wi face it: wi all deserve fi go a hell.

. Realize di penalty fi sin.

But di Bible seh, “But God commendeth his love toward wi, inna dat while we were yet

sinnas, Christ dead fi wi.” (Romans :) Jesus Christ, becaz him love wi, come

to di earth. Di bible seh him a God manifest in di flesh. God basically tek on human

form. Him live a sinless life. Him no commit no sin, and of course, Dem beat him,

and spit pon him, and nail him pon di cross. The Bible seh dat when him did deh pon di cross

him “himself bare wi sins inna him own bady pon di tree.” ( Peter :) So every sin

yu eva do, and every sin mi eva do - Jesus been there and done dat. Dem

punish him fi wi sins. Den dem tek him bady when him dead, and bury

it inna di tomb, and him soul go down a Hell fi three days and three nights (Acts

:). Three days lata him rise again from di dead. Him show di disciples di

holes inna him hands. Di Bible really clear dat Jesus did die fi everybady. It seh

dat him dead “not fi our sins only, but also fi di sins of di whole world” (

John :). But there is sumtin dat wi must duh to be saved. Di bible has dat question

in Acts , “Weh mi affi duh fi get saved? And dem seh, “Believe inna di Lawd Jesus

Christ, and wi will be saved, and thy house.” Dat is all. Him NEVA seh, “Join a church,

and yu will be saved. Get baptized, and yu a go get saved. Live a good life, and yu will be

saved. Repent fi all a yu sins dem, and yu a go get saved, NO. Him seh “believe.”

. Believe dat Jesus died, was buried, and rose again fi yu.

Even di most famous verse in di whole Bible, who reference is written on di bottom of

di cup at “In and Out Burger.” It so famous. Everybady hear dat: John

:. “For God so loved di wurl dat he gave him only begotten son dat whosoever

believeth in him should not perish but have evalasting life.” And evalasting means

evalasting. It mean fi eva, and Jesus seh, “Mi give dem eternal life, and dem

shall neva perish, needa shall any man pluck dem out a mi hand.” (John :)

Di Bible seh in John :, “Verily, verily, Mi seh unto yu, who dat believe inna mi have

everlasting life.” So if yu believe inna Jesus Christ, di Bible seh yu have evalasting

life. Yu a go live fi eva. Yu cyaan lose yu salvation. It a eternal, it a

everlasting. Once yu saved, once yu believe inna him, yu saved fi eva, and

no matter wah, yu cyaan neva lose yu salvation.

Even if mi fi go out and do some awful sin, God will punish mi fi it on dis earth.

If mi go out and kill sumbady tiday, God wudda mek sure dat mi get punish, mi

a go prison, or worse, or di death penalty. Howeva dis world punish mi, and

God a go mek sure mi get punish even more, but mi nah go Hell. There is

nuttin mi cyaan do to go a hell becaz mi save, and if mi go a hell, den God lied.

Becaz him promise dat whoeva believeth has everlasting life, and him seh, “Whosoever

liveth and believeth inna mi shall neva die.” Dat a why yu have nuff examples of

people inna di Bible who do sum really bad tings, yet dem mek it go Heaven. How? Becaz

dem did good? NO, it’s becaz dem believed inna di Lawd Jesus Christ. Dem sins

are forgiven. Odda people who live a betta life inna di world’s yies, or maybe

dem really even live a betta life, if dem nuh believe inna Christ, dem affi go

a hell fi get punished fi dem sins.

. Trus Christ alone as yu saviour.

Mek mi jus close pon dis tout: one ting dat mi wah sure bout and bring up

today is dat dere was a question dat weh ask to Jesus by one a him disciples, and

dis a di question: are dere few dat be saved? Dat a one good question, right?

Are most people saved? Or is jus a few dat saved? Who deh ya tink dat most people a

go a heaven - dat most people inna dis world a go a heaven? Guess wah di

ansa was: him seh, in Matthew , “Enta ye in at di strait gate becaz wide is di

gate and broad is di way dat leadeth to destruction, and many there be weh dem go inna

thereat becaz strait is di gate, and narrow a di way dat leadeth inna life, and nuff

deh deh dat find it.” (Matthew :-) Den him seh dis: “Nuh everyone

dat sed unto me, Lawd, Lawd, shall enta di kingdom of heaven, but he dat doet di

will of mi fada who deh inna heaven. Nuff a go seh to me pon dat day, Lawd, Lawd, have

wi nuh prophesie in dy nyame, and inna dy nyame have cyast out di devils, and in dy nyame

done nuff wondaful works? And den mi a go profess unto dem, Mi neva know yu, depart

from mi ye dat wurk iniquity.” (Matthew :-)

Firse of all, Di majority a dis ya wirl nuh even believe inna Jesus. Thankfully

di majority of dis classroom ya claim to believe in Jesus, but di majority a di wirl

nuh claim to believe inna Jesus. But God waan dat even among those who claim to believe

inna Jesus, even among those dat call him Lawd, nuff a go seh to him, “Wi do all

dem wandaful wurk ya! Why wi nuh save!” Him a go seh, “Depart from mi, Mi nuh

know yu.” Dat a becaz salvation a nuh by wurks, and if yu a trus yu

own wurk fi save yu, if yu tink seh yu a go a heaven becaz yu baptize,

if yu tink, “Well, mi tink yu affi live a good life, mi tink yu affi keep

di commandments fi be saved, mi tink yu affi go a church, mi tink yu affi

turn from yu sins…” If yu trust inna yu wurks, Jesus a go seh to yu

one day, “Depart from mi, mi nuh know yu.”

Yu affi have all a yu faith inna weh him duh. You affi put yu faith inna weh Jesus duh

pon di cross when him dead fi yu, was buried, and rise again. Dat a yu ticket to

heaven. If yu trust odda tings, and yu seh, “Well, mi a go a heaven

becaz mi a good Christian, and mi duh all these wandaful tings.” Him a go

seh, “Depart from mi.” Notice wah him seh, “Depart from mi, mi NUH know yu.”

Him nuh seh, “Mi used to know yu.” Once him know yu… rememba mi mentioned

dis earlia: it a everlasting its eternal. Once him know yu, yu a go save fi eva.

Him a go seh, “Depart from mi, mi nuh know yu,” becaz if yu go a Hell, it

a becaz him nuh know yu. Becaz once him know yu, him know yu. Juss as mi pickney

a go always be my pickney. When yu born again, when yu a him pickney, yu a go

always be him pickney. Yu may be di black sheep of di family. Yu may be sumbady who

get disciplined by God heavily on dis earth. Yu can mash up yu life down ya, but

yu cyaan mash up salvation. Once yu save, it is a done deal. Dat a di main

ting mi wah fi present to yu about di end times, and wi duh have juss a few minutes

fi questions about either salvation or about di end times.

Dear Jesus, Mi know mi a sinna. Mi know mi deserve fi go a Hell.

But mi believe yu dead pon di cross fi mi and rise again. Please save mi right now

and gimme eternal life. Mi only trust yu, Jesus. Amen.