Soul-winning Marathon in Dearborn, Michigan


August 5, 2015

Marching to Dearborn was a huge success. We had over sixty people show up to go soul winning. I'm really excited that we have such a big crowd because this just means that we're going to get a lot of doors knocked. We're going to cover a ton of ground. We're easily going to give all the DVDs out. We're going to give the Gospel to a ton of people. Thank you so much. I know people are here from as far as South Carolina, Virginia, all over the place. Thanks so much for coming.

Everybody is part of a team and broken down into four teams. I'm leading one group, and then Jason here is leading another group, Richie is leading another group, and Jeff is leading another group. Is everybody part of one of these four teams right here? Everybody have their name written down? Excellent. The goal that we're trying to accomplish today is two fold. Number one, we want to give the Gospel to as many people as we can - get as many people saved as we can.

We're going to talk top everybody no matter what religion, no matter what nationality they are, just any person that you can talk to and give the Gospel to, just do it. That's what we're doing. That's one of our goals. Then secondly our goal is to hand out fifteen hundred copies of Marching to Zion in Arabic. God, just fill us with Your spirit. Guide us to those ones that want to hear, Lord, we know they're out there. There are receptive people. Help us to find them, in Jesus' name we pray, amen.

We would very much love to be able to have this done all over America. This is a great opportunity. We had a very large turnout of people that are like-minded believers that are wanting to go soul winning, either learning or had been soul winning a lot in their life. I think if we did this all over the United States, we would be able to see many, many souls brought to Jesus Christ. I would definitely attend another event like this, it's a lot of fun. It's a lot of fun being around like-minded believers that want to win souls for Jesus Christ.

Speaker 2: It's a fantastic day. My first time really going out soul winning knowing what to do and it's just been a phenomenal time.

Speaker 3: Brought the whole family I see.

Speaker 2: Brought the whole family. It's great.

Speaker 3: Very great. Is it harder or easier than you thought?

Speaker 2: It's a whole lot easier than I thought. I just practiced what Pastor Anderson said, gave the Gospel four times, and it's been a phenomenal day.

Speaker 4: We went out this morning and knocked the whole street and neighborhood and got two people saved. We were able to win a twelve-year-old Muslim girl to Christ.

Speaker 5: We went out, lead two people to the Lord, [Holika 00:02:36] and Eric, and they're glad we came. As my said after we won the second one, he said, "If we had just won one, it'd have been worth it." I agree.

Speaker 6: Here in Dearborn, the Gospel needs to reach the Muslim population. It needs to really be heard in this area by a lot more people.

Speaker 7: It was easier than I expected. I was nervous, but then once we got there, it was just easy. It feels so good to get people saved.

Speaker 8: Definitely a great day of soul winning.

It's a huge success. We had a total of forty-six people saved for the day, amongst everybody. Isn't that awesome? This is all the DVDs that are left, which is less than a hundred. We were able to knock fourteen hundred doors in one day in an area that is predominantly Muslim, predominantly Arabic-speaking. We wouldn't have the ability to do that if we were overseas in the Middle East somewhere. We would be able to just boldly knock fourteen hundred doors in one day with the Gospel.

We have the opportunity right here. The fields are white unto harvest and I hope that many people will be inspired through this event to continue the work and knock thousands of doors all over America and get Muslims the Gospel of Jesus Christ. After we were done soul winning, there were a bunch of people who wanted to get baptized and we just ended up taking them to the hotel where we were staying and baptizing them right there in the swimming pool.

It was pretty funny to walk into that fancy hotel, into the indoor swimming pool with scores of people and just start baptizing. We baptized seven people in the pool. It was pretty funny because there were kids there swimming and playing and they all just kind of lined up on the edge of the pool and were just watching us baptize. They may have never seen anything like that in their life, so it was a great testimony for them. That was a cool way to end what was already an amazing day.

Because this event was such a great success, we're going to be doing other soul winning marathons like this in other parts of the country. We've got one coming up on Saturday, August 29th in Fort Worth, Texas, and we've got another one coming up on September 11th, Friday, in Washington, DC. Check the description of this video for the details on the upcoming soul winning marathons in Fort Worth and Washington DC and we will see you there.