People Getting Saved because of the Reprobate Doctrine

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August 29, 2016

“For I have not shunned to declare unto you all the counsel of God.” Acts 20:27

Ricky Tsang was an Asian man from Canada with a debilitating disease called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy that confined him to a wheelchair. He listened to my sermons for the past many years and sent me a lot of encouraging e-mails. He had originally contacted me about 6 years ago to tell me that he had gotten saved as a result of listening to the preaching from Faithful Word Baptist Church. After staying alive much longer than expected, Ricky went home to be with the Lord recently at age 35. Ricky had an inspirational attitude about his disease and was a blessing to all those around him. He has been an encouragement to me personally, and I am thankful that he is "walking, and leaping, and praising God" in heaven.

I’ve seen where Ricky told this story publicly before, so I think he would want me to tell it. Like many disabled people, Ricky had been abused by a Sodomite. He would not get saved because he was bitter toward the Lord about what had happened. He struggled with statements he had heard from Christians such as, “Even Jeffrey Dahmer is in Heaven.” After hearing the sermon “Sodomite Reprobates” Ricky realized that God is a righteous God. He finally believed and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his saviour because of hearing that sermon.

People will say that the reprobate doctrine turns people away from the gospel, but for every one that the reprobate doctrine “turns away,” it brings in a guy like Ricky who needed to hear it. I praise God for Ricky’s friendship and this important lesson he has taught us about the results of hard preaching.

Ricky is not the only one that has been hindered by the watered-down doctrine that God loves everyone. There are people that you will meet at the door out soul-winning who will scoff and say that we teach that “child molesters will be in Heaven.” I’ve had to go through Romans 1 with people and explain to them that child molesters/Sodomites are reprobates who have been given over to vile affections because they have rejected God. There are people on this earth who have gone too far and can no longer get saved, and being a pervert is a symptom of being a reprobate. Jeffrey Dahmer, and others like him are burning in Hell! This is not to say that we should regularly bring up Romans One when soul-winning, but if a person brings up that issue, sometimes expounding the reprobate doctrine to them can remove an obstacle, so that they will get saved.

As a pastor, it is not my job to worry about which scripture passages might turn people away. Preachers need to preach the whole counsel of God. As soul-winners, we need to be ready to tackle the hard questions out soul-winning. When I preached a sermon against the Sodomites, I had no idea that someone would get saved as a result of that sermon, but I am thankful that Ricky did.

Here is the sermon on Sodomite Reprobates.

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