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             AN EXCITING ADVENTURE            !

Welcome to the newest and most innovative
church ever!  There is
something for everyone
in your entire family!

You will never be bored!

You don't need to bring your bible,
because everything is provided in our state-of-the-art, multimedia, SENSO-ROUND TM theater with
Dolby Digital Surround EX TM !

There are no pews.  Instead, each person has
their own
cushioned bucket seat complete with
THX TM digital stereo headphones built right in!

When you fasten your seat belt, you will be in for
most exciting time of your life!

Pastors Rory and Wendy Daire will take you on a breathtaking, lifelike SAFARI, using scripture verses to highlight each step of your journey through God's creation and the bible!  They'll show you how evolution was part of God's plan and why we are part of the animal kingdom!
                                                                                                  Sights!  Sounds!  Real animals!

Bible stories
and, more!

Doesn't this sound exciting !!!

Please visit us and be sure to take advantage of all our
other attractions and amenities!

We have

l  SAFARI LAND TM PETTING ZOO for the children, complete with animals from the Serengeti Plain!

l  SAFARI LAND TM CHOO-CHOO TRAIN for the kids -- and adults, too!

l  SAFARI LAND TM NURSERY & DAYCARE, with 24-hour child care and "sitter" service.  Onsite doctor and nurse available.

l  SAFARI LAND TM RESTAURANT featuring All-American favorites such as hamburgers and fries, macaroni and cheese, pizza, fried chicken, and hot dogs.  Plus, seasonal and exotic menu selections guaranteed to "soothe the savage beast in you."  Leave room for dessert!


l  GIRAFFE JUICE BAR TM for the parched palette!  The kids will just love our SAFARI SMOOTHIES TM !

l  SAFARI LAND TM GIFT SHOP filled with the most wonderful and unusual assortment of minerals, fossils, paintings, stuffed animals, plaques, coasters, figurines, pottery, greeting cards, postcards, and SAFARI SOUVENIRS TM to complete your visit!  We have an extensive selection of Charles Darwin books, posters and memorabilia.  We also have a variety of popular bibles (King James Version not available), scripture posters, inspirational jewelry (for the whole family), and CDs.  Many of our items can even be personalized with your name, or with SAFARI CHRISTIAN CHURCH TM!


l  Don't miss the WILLY BRAHAM READING ROOM TM (off the main entrance to the gift shop) where you will find a marvelous selection of Willy Braham's books, CDs, devotionals, and calendars along with his newest bestsellers, "Why God Loves Us All -- No Matter What We Believe" and "Willy Loves the World."

l  SAFARI LAND TM SALON & SPA to rejuvenate and refresh you after your exciting SAFARI adventure!

l  SAFARI LAND TM GUEST SUITES HOTEL, featuring our indoor, Olympic-sized swimming pool, and cascading water falls.  Each room is beautifully decorated and appointed, reflecting the SAFARI theme.  And, every room has its own "mini bar," as well as a copy of the
New International Version Bible TM (for quiet reflection and study).

And, so many other exciting things for you
and your whole family!

Once you've been to
to attend church anywhere else!



Don't forget your

500 Pride Drive
Grassland, TX  700568


www. safarichristianchurch. org


Love Offering

Adults ....... $24.00
Children (6-12 yrs.) ..   12.00
Students ,..     6.00
Seniors ..     6.00


We accept all major credits cards, debit cards,
money orders, postal money orders,
personal checks, and cash.

Group discounts available!

Don't forget to purchase our
loaded with great discounts,
specials, and gift ideas!


Worship Service Times
(Show Times)

Saturday ......... 3:00 pm & 7:00 pm
Sunday . 9:00 am & 11:00 am


Liability Waiver:
Safari Christian Church TM is not responsible for any and all accidents, mishaps, slips, falls,
falling debris, animal bites, animal attacks, parasitic infections, mechanical malfunctions,
foodborne illness, hearing loss, vision loss, or any other health malady or injury resulting
from your visit to our facility.  Your visit to Safari Christian Church
TM is at your own risk.

2007 All Rights Reserved


Salvation Safari Worldwide TM
The Lion Waits For You Bible Institute
National-International Tours, Unlimited
God Loves the Animals Relief Society
Ecumenical Conservation Consortium
National Evangelical Charismatic Interdenominational Association, Inc.


This spoof was written and created by Lisa Selekman
and was inspired by a sermon entitled:

"Without the Camp"

by Pastor Steven L. Anderson
Preached on Sunday morning, July 15, 2007

Faithful Word Baptist Church
Tempe, Arizona


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