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Brother Garrett Kirchway has been a faithful member of Faithful Word Baptist Church since he was saved and baptized in September 2008. Starting in May 2016, Bro Kirchway is now in the ministry full time as a missionary, or what the Bible calls an "evangelist." In September 2016, he will be moving to Africa where he plans to spend the rest of his life preaching the Gospel to the people of Botswana. He will be based in Gaborone, which is the largest city in Botswana.

Faithful Word Baptist Church will be paying Bro Kirchway's salary until such a time as the church in Botswana is able to become independent. In addition, we will be raising money online through Paypal donations in order to pay his wages and provide supplies such as Bibles, New Testaments, church invitations, song books, preaching CDs, DVDs, etc. Before Bro Kirchway was saved, he was involved in the charismatic movement, which unfortunately is very popular in Botswana. He has also lived a very austere life for the last 8 years, so in many ways he is well suited for the task that God has for him in Botswana.

Bro. Garrett Kirchway's Preaching Schedule

September 4th - Stedfast Baptist Church - Fort Worth, TX

September 8th & 11th - Old Path Baptist Church - San Antonio, TX

September 25th - FWBC's First Service in Gabarone, Botswana

Check out Bro. Garrett Kirchway's YouTube Channel: FWBC Botswana